Carnival Valor

CARNIVAL VALOR: dismantling of #6 Evac vacuum unit and installed, with start-up, #6 Jets vacuum unit 260 MBA in engine room, replacing 780 ml of CU-NI press pipe with 780 ml PPFRG. Fischer pipe, construction and start-up of #2 chloropack systems, construction and installation of #2 double leaf stainless steel doors in lido galley, various […]

AIDA 2300 / AIDA 2301

Ship or another site / department: Aida 2300 / Aida 2301 Shipyard: Koyagiand Shipyard Tategami Project no/Order: 2333 Site of work: Japan/Nagasaki Scope of work: TheatriumDeck 5-9 Art / Photo Gallery Deck 7 French Kiss Deck 7 Cooking Studio Deck 7 Interior installation interior fitters painters Gypsum workers Carpenters Insulation Draft stop