Carnival Valor

dismantling of #6 Evac vacuum unit and installed, with
start-up, #6 Jets vacuum unit 260 MBA in engine room,
replacing 780 ml of CU-NI press pipe with 780 ml
PPFRG. Fischer pipe, construction and start-up of #2
chloropack systems, construction and installation of
#2 double leaf stainless steel doors in lido galley,
various stainless steel refittings in food areas,
refitting of #42 mooring stations rollers.

dismantling and construction of 1200 square
meters floating floor on decks 1 and 2 guest
cabins corridors, construction of #2 brand
new shower and #8 WCADA compliance,
floor refitting of #1 fan room, various
furniture and doors repairs in public areas.